The Nintendo 3DS has been discontinued: What does this mean?

The Nintendo Switch has been a revolution in how Nintendo approaches hardware.

The pitch of a hybrid handheld console was something that a lot of people were excited about, but the reality has generally exceeded everyone's expectations.

Of course, one thing that has worried people throughout the Switch's lifetime is the fact that the 3DS seems a little bit pointless now.

Well, it looks like Nintendo has decided that may be the case too.

The 3DS is no more

As reported on by The Verge, Nintendo has discontinued every model of the 3DS. This means that there will be no more made and that it'll eventually disappear forever.

The news went up on the Japanese version of the Nintendo website, but the other territories have all scrubbed mentions of the beloved handheld now.

It's a little bit sad, as a lot of us enjoyed Nintendo via the handheld world, and while the Switch does now fill that gap, the 3DS has been out for nearly ten years, so it's got quite a legacy now.

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What does this mean for Nintendo?

This basically means that Nintendo is now focussed on what's coming next. They're obviously going to focus on the Switch itself, but with rumours of the Switch Pro coming out every other week or so, it's likely that they'll be doing that as well.

It could also mean that we start to see more 3DS games ported over to the Switch. There are countless games that fans would love to see make the jump onto the bigger screen, but we've no way of knowing whether or not they'll actually do this.

In the meantime, we'll just have to keep our fingers crossed as we wait for more news from Nintendo about what they're plotting at the moment.

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