The Light Phone 3 Release Date, Price, Specs, and More

Four Light Phone 3's in a row with different actions on-screen, including a phone call, menu, and more
Credit: Light

Four Light Phone 3's in a row with different actions on-screen, including a phone call, menu, and more
Credit: Light

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If you're looking for a new minimalist phone that wipes away all of the internet and social media features of a smartphone, then you may want to know about The Light Phone 3 release date.

Forget about downloading and keeping up with the best apps for iPhone and best apps for Android, as The Light Phone 3 takes the focus back to a solid mobile phone. No doom scrolling, no algorithms, this device brings back the classic handset in a modern form.

The Light Phone 3 Release Date

The Light Phone 3 is releasing in January 2025, according to the pre-order page for the smartphone. However, orders are shipped chronologically, so you may have to wait longer if you decide to buy the device later this year.

Unfortunately, this is only an estimate delivery window right now. It's subject to change depending on any potential issues, and there's no actual data just yet. But, a release window is better than nothing.

The Light Phone 3 Specs

Here's the full list of specs for The Light Phone 3:

106mm x 71.5mm x 12mm
5G + 4GLTE
3.92" AMOLED (1080x1240)
Matte Glass
USB-C 2.0
50MP - Rear / 8MP Front
Nano-SIM + E-Sim
Storage / Memory
128GB / 6GB RAM
2 Mic (w/ noise cancellation) / 2 stereo speakers
GPS / Bluetooth 5.0 / NFC / Fingerprint ID
Qualcomm SM 4450
IP Rating
IP 54

The main upgrade over the previous phone, The Light Phone 2, is the change in display, battery life, and the addition of cameras. The previous phone had an e-ink display, and while the color remains black-and-white with the Light Phone 3, it's a satisfying AMOLED display instead. The battery life is almost double, and cameras will let you take photos in the moment, minus all of the editing functionality in modern smartphones.

The Light Phone 3 Price

The Light Phone 3 is expected to retail for $799, however, early adopters can pre-order the device $399, with roughly a 50% discount on the planned full price.

While the retail price does seem fairly high, Light co-founder Kaiwei Tang confirmed to The Verge that the final price hasn't been finalized just yet, adding that the $799 figure could be cheaper if The Light Phone 3 sells well.

That's everything to know about the upcoming Light Phone 3. If you're looking to avoid the pitfalls of Spotify and Twitter, as well as other apps, this phone could be an excellent choice to move away from traditional smartphones.

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