The Last of Us Part 2 PC port teased by Naughty Dog despite recent disaster

the last of us part 2 pc port teased by naughty dog
Credit: Naughty Dog

the last of us part 2 pc port teased by naughty dog
Credit: Naughty Dog

Naughty Dog may be working on an all-new The Last of Us Part 2 PC port, despite their recent disaster. Fans are still going through the messy port of The Last of Us Part 1, but developer Naughty Dog is already teasing more of their back catalog coming to PC.

On the company’s official blog about The Last of Us Part 1 on PC, the developer discussed developing more games on “the road ahead.” The company stated that sharing stories on both PS5 and PC is something that PlayStation is finally embracing. Hopefully, their next effort won’t be as buggy.

“Developing for both platforms empowers us to incorporate lessons learned from either into the overall design of our game,” says the blog. “Sharing our stories and experiences on PS5 as well as PC is something that Naughty Dog has embraced and will continue to support moving forward.”

With more games coming from the PlayStation Studios giant, it seems like that The Last of Us Part 2 is next. Considering the game runs on the same engine as recent release, this would make the most sense.

Additionally, HBO has already teased Abby for the second season of its blockbuster TV adaptation. To capitalise on the hype, Naughty Dog and PlayStation might want to get gamers caught up with the game. This does mean that PC players might be waiting until 2024 or 2025 to play it, though they could always release it earlier.

Many fans will remember how The Last of Us Part 2 divided everyone over the story’s direction and if the gameplay complimented it well. Some fans are steel reeling about the sequel’s actions and what it’s done to beloved characters. Others thought the “violence is bad” message didn’t hit since they made inflicting violence really fun with improved gunplay.

Beyond the controversial sequel, we can also see Naughty Dog porting Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection to PC. Now that Legacy of Thieves brought the final games to PC, we might as well have the first three games that made this franchise a hit. Uncharted 2 is often seen as the peak of the series, though many still love Uncharted 3, 4, and Lost Legacy.

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Are we getting a PC port of The Last of Us Part 2? Could Naughty Dog surprise us by porting the Jak and Daxter series? (). We’ll find out soon enough.

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