The Last Of Us 2 delay could impact Sony's next-gen games and PS5 exclusives

So, we already knew that Cyberpunk 2077has been delayed from its initial release date in April to a much later 17 September 2020.

This was implemented to allow the CD Projekt dev team to add the finishing touches to the game - touches that will elevate it the incredibly high standards that they set themselves.

However, the reality that video game developers are now facing during the outbreak of COVID-19 will be detrimental to projects releasing in the near future.

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Delay After Delay

So we've only just heard that The Last of Us Part 2 has been "delayed indefinitely", but at this point, it isn't even a surprise.

The sheer number of games, tournaments, events and expos that have been cancelled due to the spread of the virus is bordering uncountable.

Some events, like EGX Rezzed, have managed to translate into online experiences. But not everything in the gaming industry can stay on track throughout this Coronavirus pandemic.

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While we're trying to keep our heads up over here, it's getting hard to ignore the idea that virtually all upcoming releases will be impacted by Coronavirus - in one way or another.

Silver Linings

This extends to Cyberpunk 2077 and beyond, as with most technicians being forced to work from remote locations, the overall cohesiveness of dev teams will take a hit.

What we are saying is - do not be surprised if you are hit with another Cyberpunk 2077 delay sometime soon.

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For that matter, a whole host of upcoming games and consoles will be impacted.

Although Sony has addressed how they will be tackling the Coronavirus situation, we would be truly amazed if the PS5 made it's 'Holiday 2020' release window (considering all of the disruptions at hand).

The same can be said for Microsoft's Xbox Series X, and any plans that Nintendo had for releasing a Nintendo Switch Pro or Breath of the Wild 2 in 2020.

However, it's not all doom and gloom.

PS5 Exclusives

What all of this really means is that we will be seeing more games appearing as PS5 exclusives, since these titles can't squeeze into the PS4 lifecycle because of delays.

Check out the highlights of the list below, as it could be growing pretty soon!

God of War 2

The long-awaited sequel to the award-winning remake of the God of War series could be upon us sooner than expected.

It has been 2 years since the release of the remake/reboot (God of War 4) and we have seen nothing from the developers, Santa Monica Studio.

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Unless we receive any leaks, hints or teases soon, it is likely we still won’t see a release until 2021.

Spider-Man 2

After a great release for the first Marvel’s Spider-Man, our Spidey Sense is telling us it is very likely we will see some news from PlayStation and Insomniac Games.

We are unsure whether the next game will be a direct sequel to the first, but that does seem like a logical direction to head in.

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The first game featured a sequel tease pertaining to both Harry Osborn and the Venom symbiote.

Horizon Zero Dawn 2

Horizon Zero Dawn released in early 2017 and quickly became a fan favourite for PS4 owners.

With its immersive graphics, story and wildlife, it is still a game I recommend you pick up if you haven’t already.

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We have high hopes for the sequel and have our fingers crossed for news coming soon.

Gran Turismo 7

Gran Turismo has been a large part of racing games over the last two decades.

With rumours of Gran Turismo 7, it has been leaked that we will receive an 8k demo and PSVR 2.0 support.

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This could be teased at the PS5 reveal but will most likely be announced at a later date if the rumours are true.

Either way, as Coronavirus continues to disrupt life, chances are that all of these games will see delays that push them further into the era of the PS5. Could the PS4 versions of these games fall by the wayside? We'll just have to wait and see...

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