The Google Pixel Fold could arrive this year

According to a prominent leaker and a report, the Google Pixel Fold could arrive later this year (image credit: Waqar Khan)

In a report found by Korean tech website, The Elec Google approached Samsung and requested it develop a foldable OLED 7.6-inch panel. This report suggests Google is looking to enter the foldable mobile tech space by adapting its flagship Pixel model.

This report is further backed up by prominent technology leaker Jon Prosser, who tweeted that “The Google Pixel “fold” is a real thing”. As the old adage goes, there’s no smoke without fire, and there’s certainly enough smoke here to suggest that Google is about the enter the foldable tech space. 

Google Pixel Fold Specs

Little is known about the Google Pixel Fold, so any information related to hardware specifications is purely speculation at this point in time. Based on Google other Pixel models, though, it’s likely the Pixel Fold will have the same processor unit as the Pixel 5, which has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G.

The Pixel Fold could feature an upgrade to the Snapdragon 855 chip, which has faster processing power and better gaming performance. This is unlikely though as foldable mobile technology is expensive, and it’s likely that Google will want to keep costs as low as possible, to ensure it stays inline with the competition.

Google Pixel Fold Design

There aren’t currently any official images of the Pixel Fold, but thanks to designer Waqar Khan, we can see what the potential Pixel Fold model might look like.

expand image

In Khan’s renders, the Pixel Fold incorporates a clamshell design, but also features a display on the front, meaning users can use the phone while folded and while open. The folded version of the phone looks similar to the Pixel 5, down to the rear fingerprint reader and rear dual camera.

These images are only mock ups, so who knows how the Pixel Fold will look when it releases. This design sure makes a lot of sense within the branding of the Pixel lineup of phones, so we’d imagine it isn’t too far away from whatever Google has in development.

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