The Flash's Supergirl costume revealed in full in new set pic leak

Despite Warner Bros' penchant for secrecy, the studio's in-development DC movies have suffered from constant leaks. Due to a new set of leaks, fans can now get the first look at the DCEU's version of Supergirl.

The leak comes directly after The Flash director Andy Muschietti teased the new Supergirl costume on Instagram. Unfortunately, for the director, new pictures have revealed all of the upcoming character.

The Flash's Supergirl LEAKED

While The Flash is currently filming in London, multiple Twitter users have managed to snap pics of the ongoing production.  In the pictures, Supergirl actress Sasha Calle is shown in full costume as the Girl of Steel.

From the pictures, the new costume seems heavily inspired by Henry Cavill's Superman costume in the DCEU. Considering The Flash's costume is still based on the SnyderVerse design, this new costume does fit the universe's design language. The outfit also appears to have faux muscles on the abdominal areas.

In the image shown the costume doesn't have a cape attached. However, it's very likely that the costume could have a CGI cape added in post-production. Then again, it's also possible that there could be a real cape used for less complex scenes.

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More The Flash info

The Supergirl costume isn't the only aspect of The Flash to leak online in recent weeks. After knowledge of Michael Keaton’s Batman was made public, multiple images of Wayne Manor and the Batsuit were posted online.

The Flash's storyline will focus on introducing the multiverse to the DC Extended Universe. Not only will the movie introduce modern audiences to Supergirl and Keaton's Batman, but also the future of the DCEU.

The movie will release on November 4th, 2022.

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