The Flash Season 8 will reportedly be the speedster's last

The CW's Arrowverse has been an incredibly successful venture for Warner Bros. The superhero universe has suffered a few blunders, but the popularity of Arrow, The Flash and Supergirl have kept the universe going.

With the announcement of The Flash Season 8, CW's speedster show will be the longest running Arrowverse series. However, that eighth season might be the show's last.

The Flash will end after Season 8

In a report by Small Screen, it's been stated that The Flash will finish after next year's season. The news comes following the reveal that two of the show's original cast members are leaving the show. Carlos Valdes' Cisco and Tom Cavanagh's Harrison are both exiting the superhero show.

Small Screen reports that both actors will revise their roles from time to time in guest appearances. However, with so many actors leaving the Arrowverse, the magic is starting to crumble. Alongside reports of poor working conditions, the CW may not be able so told onto their talent for much longer.

Lead actor Grant Gustin has signed on for an eighth season, but the actor hasn't renewed a contract for future seasons. Reportedly, the CW is desperate to keep the show going as its one of their most successful. If it does continue, they'll likely need a new speedster to take over the mantle.

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The next crossover could kill the character

It’s often been teased in the TV show that Barry Allen will meet an unfortunate end. Of course, this has often been done for dramatic tension without actually following through. With that said, could the Fastest Man Alive actually die next season?

Season 8 of The Flash will reportedly start with a five-episode crossover. While it won't be on the same scale as Crisis on Infinite Earths, it will bring in other heroes from the Arrowverse. Perhaps the show could even use this event to introduce a new Flash to audiences to keep the show going. Maybe we could see Wally West on screen? Or maybe Impulse will take center stage.

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