The Evil Within 3 teased in Xbox’s spectacular Hi-Fi Rush

the evil within 3 is teased in hi-fi rush
Credit: Tango Gameworks

the evil within 3 is teased in hi-fi rush
Credit: Tango Gameworks

Survival horror sequel The Evil Within 3 may be on the way. Teased in developer Tango Gameworks’ new action game Hi-Fi Rush, it looks like we’re about to get an next-gen entry in Shinji Mikami’s horror franchise.

According to GamesRadar, the final level of Hi-Fi Rush has a blink and you’ll miss it tease to The Evil Within 3. When reaching the game’s final floor, they’ll briefly see an image of Office 776. In the image itself, they can see a news section that reads: “Sequel to popular survival horror franchise announced.”

the evil within 3 is teased in hi-fi rush
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Credit: Shirrako

Fans can check out the tease in Shirakko’s extended playthrough of Hi-Fi Rush. The image can be seen at 7:40:51, though it is brief. We attached a screenshot below to show the teaser.

Prior to this, the game already had a good number of easter eggs to The Evil Within. One particular easter egg has a robot who is clearly based on Evil Within protagonist Sebastion Castellanos. However, this is the first major tease we may have seen for a third game in the horror series.

Only time will tell if we actually get The Evil Within 3, though it does seem more plausible than ever. With Microsoft now backing Bethesda and seemingly letting them do more experimental titles, like Hi-Fi Rush, a sequel to this dormant horror series could definitely happen. Here’s hoping that the teaser actually leads to something.

Of course, this means that a sequel to the horror series will be an Xbox exclusive. With Xbox acquiring Tango Gameworks parent company Zenimax, anything coming out of the studio will only be on Xbox and PC.

Despite not reaching the heights of Resident Evil, The Evil Within has been able to get a decent enough fanbase who wants more from the series. The first game was a solid enough horror title, albeit one with an unfocused story and a focus on gunplay. While not perfect, The Evil Within 2 was much more ambitious, with open areas and a better story.

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Hi-Fi Rush is available now on Xbox Series and PC. The Evil Within and The Evil Within 2 are currently available on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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