The Crew Motorfest multiplayer – can you play with friends?

The Crew Motorfest multiplayer

The Crew Motorfest multiplayer

If you’re a competitive gamer who’s into fast cars, then racing games should be right up your alley. But since Ubisoft’s latest racer has an open world for drivers to explore, you may be wondering if The Crew Motorfest multiplayer will be an available mode.

In The Crew Motorfest, you’ll have the opportunity to get behind the wheel of hundreds of cars as you drive around the island of O’ahu in Hawaii. And if you’ve played The Crew 2, you can even bring your favorite vehicles from there over to Motorfest with its import tool.

So, let’s go ahead and find out if you can take your favorite car in the game to race against your friends in a The Crew Motorfest multiplayer mode.

Does The Crew Motorfest have multiplayer?

Yes, The Crew Motorfest has a handful of multiplayer modes available. They’re not all about racing, so you’ll have a variety of interesting modes to try out.

Here’s a look at the different ways you can enjoy multiplayer in The Crew Motorfest:

  • Custom Show – show off your creative side and earn rewards based on how your vehicle is customized.
  • Demolition Royale – form a crew with other players and duke it out with other groups in this demolition derby battle royale.
  • Grand Race – Try to cross the finish line first against 28 other players in this randomly generated race.
  • Summit Contest – a weekly event whose theme and rewards will vary.

Keep in mind that these are all online multiplayer modes, so you will need a decent internet connection to get the most out of them. Unfortunately, The Crew Motorfest does not seem to have any sort of local split-screen mode available.

Does The Crew Motorfest have crossplay?

Yes, The Crew Motorfest has full crossplay support. This means you’ll be able to play with friends across all platforms on which the game is available.

Crossplay is something that’s becoming more common among multiplayer games since it gives gamers a larger pool of players to connect with. Motorfest is currently out on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC.

And that’s it for The Crew Motorfest multiplayer modes. If you’re having some problems playing the game, you may want to check out our guides on fixing the video adapter error or any crashing issues.

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