The Cadbury Heroes League: Everything you need to know about the Cadbury meets Street Fighter V competition (Sponsored)

With more families spending quality time together gaming, Cadbury has launched the Cadbury Heroes League.

In an attempt to connect even more families, the competition will see some of your favourite creators and celebrities training their parents to battle it out in the ultimate showdown.

Whether they are training a parent, or being trained themselves, they’ll have the opportunity to show who is the best Street Fighter on November 14th!

What is the competition?

The Cadbury Heroes League will be played on Street Fighter V Championship Edition, the pinnacle of esports titles.

Following weeks of training as a team, the celebrities’ and creators’ relatives will have to compete in a gruelling series of matches to determine who is the champion.

To help us make sense of the day, host Tom Deacon will guide us from game 1 all the way to the finals.

Providing in-depth commentary are Logan Sama and F-Word, true legends of the Street Fighter scene with nearly a decade of casting experience between them.

So whether you’re new to the franchise or have been throwing Hadoukens for decades, you’ll be able to enjoy some fierce competition whilst tucking into your own packet of Cadburys Heroes.

Who’s involved?

The Cadbury Heroes League sees all of your favourite celebrities’ and content creators’ parents vying to be crowned champion.

Including the likes of Sam Thompson and Jordan Banjo, there will undoubtedly be a celebrity’s parent for you to cheer on!

And if you’re backing the content creators, then Gee Nelson, Romello and others have got you covered.

The full list of participants is as follows:

Romello’s dad, Jay-Ann Lopez’s nan, Clare Siobhan’s mum, Roman Kemp’s mum, Sam Thompson’s mum, Tom Grennan’s dad, Leahviathan’s mum, Theo Baker’s mum-in-law, Gee Nelson’s mum, Sally Phillips, Jordan Banjo’s mum and Louise Redknapp.

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