The Batman leak reveals the Dark Knight will have his iconic white eyes

Bringing a character from the pages of a comic book to the big screen often requires some liberties to be taken. Not only do stories get adapted, but so do the designs of classic characters. We've already seen one version of Matt Reeves’ vision of The Batman, but it appears that the movie will also feature a second design.

There have been multiple leaks stating that the finale of The Batman will feature a second, more refined suit. However, thanks to a new leak, it seems that this second suit will feature an iconic comic design.

The Batman will have the character’s classic white eyes

In a leaked version of Prime 1 Studios' upcoming figurine, the new Batman design has an awesome new cowl. We've already seen the movie’s first version of the cowl, complete with black eye makeup. On the other hand, we know that the suit is likely to evolve over the course of the movie.

The new statue mostly looks like a refinement of what we've already seen. However, that refinement comes with a more comic accurate cowl. The cowl features the first movie version of the comic design’s white eyes. Unfortunately, we don't know if they'll be as emotive as in the comics.

Whatever the case, this is still awesome to see. Not a single movie version of the Caped Crusader has tried to feature the iconic white eyes. Of course, not many comic book characters come to the screen with those classic white eyed masks. Well, none except Deadpool. 

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When will we see more of the movie?

Ever since the movie's initial trailer next year, Warner Bros has been quiet on the state of The Batman. A new trailer will likely be released in the coming months, but there's still no word on when we'll see it. With that said, we will definitely see some of the film before the end of October.

With DC Fandome 2021 coming this October, we'll likely end up seeing content surrounding The Batman, Aquaman 2, The Flash and more. It'll be an exciting time for fans of the DC Extended Universe.

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