Terrifying AI dentist is a Final Destination death waiting to happen

An image of a terrifying AI dentist robot performing inside a male mouth

An image of a terrifying AI dentist robot performing inside a male mouth

Get this the Hell away from us; this AI dentist tool looks like a scenario straight out of Final Destination.

As if human dentists weren’t terrifying enough, a viral video showing a robot mouth doctor has shocked the internet. Posted on Twitter, the AI dentist tool has terrified social media users to their very core.

In the video, a faux human head lays with its mouth agape. Missing teeth and requiring fillings, the head is treated by a Dentium dentistry robot. After a few seconds, the robotic dentist powers up and dives into the victim’s mouth.

Using AI, the robot is able to monitor the micro-movements of the patient, allowing the robot to manoeuvre inside the mouth without hurting anything. However, the AI dentist has not gone down well with the rest of the internet.

The viral video immediately hit it off with Twitter users, many of which expressed their uncomfortability and sheer terror at the premise of an AI dentist. With 36% of people having a fear of human dentists, 12% have extreme fear, the idea of a robotic replacement is far from exciting.

“The only people letting an AI dentist near their mouth are suicidal people who have nothing to live for,” said one Twitter user.

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“Listen im suicidal but theres easier ways to go out,” replied another user. “Even at my lowest i wouldn't let this thing get me,” said another.

Other commenters pointed out that the machine looks like a Final Destination death waiting to happen. In the cult horror film series, unlucky teens perish in a multitude of scenarios, many of which involving failing technology such as tanning beds or LASIK machines.

Nevertheless, medical robot technology has advanced rapidly in the past few years, becoming some of the most impressive machines around. While there are major issues with medical AI software in terms of bias, robots have been able to successfully perform surgery safer than human surgeons can.

Robotic dentistry tools have been used since 2017. Six years ago, a Chinese robot was used to successfully implant two teeth into a patient’s mouth without causing harm to the patient. Furthermore, the tool had no human input after being set up.

While that’s all well and good, there’s no way we’d let that robot anywhere near our mouths.

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