Temu Codes and Vouchers (May 2024)

A voucher with an orange background. The Temu logo sits in the middle.
Credit: Temu

A voucher with an orange background. The Temu logo sits in the middle.
Credit: Temu

Temu is known for being cheap, but that won't stop people from wanting to know how to make their orders cheaper with Temu codes and vouchers. And why should it? Sometimes you've got to invest in getting things as cheap as possible.

As an e-commerce marketplace that cuts out the middleman by shipping directly to the customer, Temu already manages to maximize its profits without much difficulty. That said, shipping costs aren't exactly as small as they could be. That's where Temu codes and vouchers come in.

In this guide, we answer all the relevant questions on where to find Temu vouchers and codes, how promotions work, and more.

How do you find Temu codes and vouchers?

A question as old as time: where can you find the vouchers, coupons and codes necessary to help make your experience with Temu as cheap as possible?

New users know that they start their first shop at Temu with a code that can take up to 100 USD/GBP off their first order. So, it's always best to start big when you first sign up to Temu.

But after that: where can you start in finding the coupons, codes and vouchers that'll help you out?

The long answer is that as the internet has continued to expand and improve, most retailers are making it so that any codes or vouchers that will help you save money are more personalized to the user. This means that instead of finding Temu codes that gives everyone 10% off, Temu -- and others like them -- are offering coupons that are unique to the user. This makes it more personal, but significantly reduces the chance of the code being used again.

The short answer: we recommend using cashback and coupon browser extensions, such as Rakuten and Honey. Both of these extensions comb the internet in real time and provide Temu coupons and vouchers that will significantly reduce the amount you need to pay.

Why isn't my Temu code working?

Inputting a code that isn't working can be super frustrating, but there's always a reason for it.

The most likely reason is that the code has already expired, which is likely considering how fast promotions and coupons usually go.

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Alternatively, the minimum requirements for the order may not have been met. This could be something as simple as not putting enough items into your cart, to not quite reaching the cut-off point for the code to be added.

Last but not least, your code may not be working due to another code being already in use that effectively maximizes the amount that is reduced for your order.

Where to find Temu promotions

Temu has its own app and website, which often advertises different promotions from day-today. So, if you want to take advantage of that, our recommendation is to check the app and official website daily.

However, if you want to be the first person to know when a promotion is active, you can make it so that you're notified the moment one becomes available. The downside is that this only works on the Temu app. Sorry Temu browser users!

To get notified, you must do the following:

  • Log into your Temu mobile app.
  • Click the user avatar picture at the bottom of your screen. This will take you to your profile.
  • Press Settings
  • Press Contact Preferences
  • Enable Push Notification' and 'Email Subscription' so that you get notified when Promotions occur.

That's everything you need to know about Temu codes, coupons and vouchers. To find out more about the e-commerce marketplace in more detail, check out our everything you need to know about Temu guide.

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