Surface Duo 2 leaks show Microsoft isn't giving up on phones like last time

Microsoft hasn’t had a great history with phones. While the company's failed Windows Phone platform still has a fantastically loyal fanbase, Microsoft isn't interesting in revisiting those devices. Instead, the company invested in foldable, an investment they're continuing with the Surface Duo 2.

Surface Duo 2 leaks

Put online by YouTuber Tech Rat, the leaked Surface Duo looks to address one of the original’s biggest complaints. The original dual-screen fold was praised for its amazing hinge design and remarkably sleek design, but it failed in two departments.

The most apparent issue with the first device was its incredibly mediocre camera system. For a product that retailed for £1349, the single-lense camera was laughably basic. Microsoft even expected users to use the tiny camera for all types of shooting instead of having a rear camera as well.

The second failure of the original was the software. Microsoft's auto-rotate software was frustratingly broken when the product launched. In recent reports, that software has yet to be properly fixed.

Microsoft's Surface Duo 2 does at least look to improve on one of these aspects: the camera. The new foldable has an all-new triple-camera sensor on the back to take (hopefully) decent pictures. However, this might cause another issue.

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Is the fold ruined?

The most esteemed function of the first Surface Duo was its amazing hinge. It was a simple mechanism that smoothly gave users a tonne of options. However, with the introduction of this new camera bump, that fold won't be as smooth.

Surface Duo 2
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For example, the Surface Duo 2 can't fold fully with both screens on the outside, a popular way of using the device. It's not a deal breaker; those interested in the Duo likely won't be perturbed by this new hinge. But no matter which way you put it, this upgrade does come with a downside.

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