New Supercut App Brings 4K Netflix and Amazon Streaming to Apple Vision Pro

supercut netflix amazon apple vision pro
Credit: Christian Privitelli

supercut netflix amazon apple vision pro
Credit: Christian Privitelli


  • The Supercut app allows Netflix and Amazon streaming on Apple's Vision Pro
  • Users can stream content from both services in 4K
  • Fans won't be able to download episodes or movies

A new app for the Apple Vision Pro called Supercut is bringing both Netflix and Amazon to the VR headset, albeit, with some caveats. Even so, this app does what the official streaming companies won’t and gives VR fans a streamlined way to enjoy these services.

Made by Christian Privitelli (thanks Road to VR), this app bundles both Netflix and Prime Video so that users can watch content from both handily. While there are other ways to watch these apps in the headset, this is the most convenient way to do it, if you don’t mind some features being missing.

Since Supercut isn’t officially made by either Netflix or Amazon, there is no feature to download videos into the device. This would have been handy for internet outages or flights, but it’s a small loss in the grand scheme of things. After all, the app still lets you stream each service in 4K, which should look marvelous on the headset.

This is a proper response to companies like Netflix not bringing their app to the Apple Vision Pro, something that confuses users to this day. While the app is readily available on iPhones and iPads, VR headsets being niche and the Vision Pro being overpriced doesn’t help its standing.

Fans can watch Netflix on the headset through a browser, but that limits the quality of the shows, hence Supercut giving users a proper 4K experience. Until Netflix decides to officially release their app for more VR units, this is probably the best way to watch your favorite shows and movies.

It’s not just Netflix who have avoided the Apple Vision Pro, as Spotify has also decided against porting the app for VR users. Based on the impressions from these companies, it seems that VR tech will have to prove itself more, which isn’t going to be an easy task.

Interested users can pick up the Supercut app now on the Apple Vision Pro. The app costs $5 and allows fans to stream both Netflix and Prime Video.

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