Streaming Apps ANNOUNCED for PlayStation 5!

For months now, fans of PlayStation have been left to wonder of which streaming apps will be coming to the PlayStation 5 next month.

Today we got confirmation, of six streaming apps coming to the new console at launch.

With the media remote also releasing at launch, it looks like the big six are ready to go for whichever edition of the PlayStation 5 one decides on.

With that, lets see what’s been announced.

Services Announced

Sony announced nine apps that are going to be launching from November 12th alongside both PlayStation 5 editions, which are:

  • Apple TV
  • Disney+
  • Netflix
  • Spotify
  • Twitch
  • YouTube
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Peacock (USA Only)
  • Hulu (USA Only)

Sony have also stated that you can livestream using the Twitch app or watch another PS5 stream, or you can share any clips to YouTube at a moments notice.

Each of these will be ready to go in 4K if a 4K television is in the home, and each of these will also be in the ‘Media’ section of the Home Screen when the console switches on, as long as you have downloaded them.

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What Could be Next

There was no mention of All4 or ITV Hub, alongside BritBox as yet, but we suspect it’s only a matter of time before they appear on the console.

With someone who streams on Twitch or has a channel on YouTube, it’s going to be a much easier method of streaming a PS5 game for them from November 12th.

With the Media Remote, it’s also going to be much easier for someone who just wants to watch the newest ‘Mandalorian’ series on Disney+ with their PlayStation 5.

We are under a month away from launch, and it’s great to see a peace of mind as to what entertainment apps are coming to the new console from November 12th.

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