Streamer beats every FromSoftware game without taking a single hit

streamer beats every fromsoftware game elden ring horseback gameplay

streamer beats every fromsoftware game elden ring horseback gameplay

First, we all thought Dark Souls was a difficult game (and it is). Then, FromSoftware released nothing but hard-as-nails games and players started beating them with weird and wacky peripherals, like the individual who beat Elden Ring with a Wii boxing glove. Now, one streamer has decided to beat every FromSoftware game without taking a single hit.

Twitch streamer and YouTube creator ‘dinossindgeil’ tasked himself with tackling every modern FromSoftware game - Demon's Souls, Dark Souls 1, 2, and 3, Bloodborne, Sekiro and Elden Ring - without being hit once. If dinossindgeil was to be hit, he would have to restart all of the games again from the beginning.

The incredible feat took 120 days to complete and dinossindgeil was understandably emotional when he finally finished the sage. “I’m really glad you guys are here,” he said through tears in his stream as he finished the final game in the FromSoftware collection.

Twitter commenters show support for the accomplishment, showing that this goes above and beyond any Souls-like run we’ve seen before. “Absolutely incredible, one of the greatest gaming moments I've ever witnessed,” one individual remarks. “What the actual fk gaming has gone to whole new levels bro I still haven't even done half the quests in Runescape,” esports content creator Jake Lucky comments.

Dinossindgeil is no stranger to difficult gaming feats, with his YouTube channel being full of guide content for those that want to attempt to replicate his FromSoftware game runs.

It just keeps getting ever more ridiculous in the world of Souls-like playthroughs, but what Dinossindgeil has managed to do is going to be hard to top. In fact, can it ever be topped?

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