Steve From Minecraft Is Now Less Meaty In Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Somethings in this world are just too good to last.

Happiness is fleeting, and that's never been more apparent than in the year 2020, especially as it's so hard to get a damn good grip on in the first place.

Sometimes you'll get hold of your happiness and it's important to never let it go.

Other times, no matter how hard you try, your happiness is taken from you by force and you're left sad, alone, and confused.

Steve's meat is gone

That's right, despite all of the joy that Steve's suggestively placed meat brought to us all, it's now gone.

If you're not familiar with this whole thing, then where have you been for the last week?

Basically, Steve from Minecraft got added into Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. It's a good time all around, with him dropping blocks, mining, and generally causing havoc all around.

Also, his win animation had him holding a piece of meat in what can only be described as being in a very suggestive way. Sure, the internet can make anything horny these days, but, to be fair, this one was a little dodgy.

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That's not all folks

Of course, there's been a bunch of other fixes too, the vast majority of which relate to Steve and his infinite power/meat.

We're fully aware that this is all a little bit childish, but honestly, we need these moments of levity in amongst the constant pain and suffering of 2020. Also, it's funny to be childish, and maybe you should grow up if you think that it's not.

Anyway, if you've not seen the before or after, feast your eyes on this image from Vooks:

expand image

They're doing a public service here, and we greatly appreciate them and their hard work. RIP Steve's meat.

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