Steins;Gate Day is now officially recognised by Japan

steins;gate day is now officially recognised by japan
Credit: White Fox

steins;gate day is now officially recognised by japan
Credit: White Fox

Steins;Gate has become fairly popular with anime fans and gamers alike. Appreciation for the series is so high that Japan is now officially recognizing July 28th as Steins;Gate Day.

The official Japan Anniversary Association confirmed that this day will be a yearly celebration for this franchise. As most fans know, July 28th is when the game/anime’s story starts and that’s why it’s now kind of a holiday.

Here’s what the Japan Anniversary Association had to say about this move:

“The purpose of the day is to raise further awareness of the title, which has gained worldwide recognition and a growing fan base with its anime adaptation, and to allow fans to look back on their experiences and discuss them with each other. The date was chosen to commemorate was July 28, as it is the day the story of this title begins.”

Most fans know that Steins;Gate is actually a sequel to Chaos;Head Noah. Admittedly, it’s only a sequel if fans get the true ending but visual novel fans are used to doing that.

Japan has had celebrations for several video games and anime. For example, May 9 is Goku Day, so that’s when fans in Japan celebrate Dragon Ball. February 27 is also Pokémon Day, which is so popular that it’s now a worldwide celebration for the franchise.

Steins;Gate follows the self-proclaimed “mad scientist” Okabe Rintaro, who talks with others via his chunibyou Hououin Kyouma persona. Ultimately, time travel shenanigans force Rintaro to take a second look at his life and what he’s done.

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Video game fans can enjoy Steins;Gate on PS4 and PC. The game has seen numerous expanded editions and even a sequel: Steins;Gate 0.

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