How to fix Steam error code 118

Steam error code 118 - picture of Steam logo
Credit: Steam

Steam error code 118 - picture of Steam logo
Credit: Steam

Gamers are now having a hard time playing their favourite titles due to the occurrence of Steam error code 118.

This error code is frustrating because it takes precious gaming time away, especially during peak hours. That said, the issue is not as bad as other Steam errors such as E2, E84 or the cloud sync error.

If you want to start fixing Steam error code 118, you can learn a lot from this guide. Read on!

What is Steam error code 118?

The Steam error code 118 signifies an issue preventing the connection between your Steam Client and Steam's servers. There are numerous factors related to Steam error code 118, and most of them are fixable.

Check out the common reasons for Steam error code 118:

  • Unstable Internet connection: If your Internet is slow or unstable, your Steam client will have a difficult time connecting to servers.
  • Corrupted internal files: Steam files are prone to corruption due to viruses, illegal shutdowns, and drive damage.
  • Firewall blocking: The Steam client will also have a hard time connecting to the servers if the computer firewall is blocking it.
  • Conflicting programs: Various programs, especially VPNs, can interfere with the Steam client's connectivity.

Steam error code 118 is not permanent. You can always troubleshoot the error with various solutions.

How to fix Steam error code 118

It's possible to fix Steam error code 118 by utilizing some easy-to-implement methods or solutions. You don't even have to use third-party apps or complicated tech manoeuvres.

Here are some solutions for Steam error code 118:

  • Check your Internet connection: Simply switch to a different connection if your Internet is unstable. You can also close other bandwidth-heavy programs or software.
  • Allow Steam on firewall settings: Go to your firewall dashboard and select "Allow an app through Windows firewall". Next, just choose the Steam client and click "Apply".
  • Manually update Steam: Sometimes, Steam's auto-update function won't push through. In this case, you can just open the Steam overlay and manually update the client. Updates are important because they can fix bugs and other technical issues.
  • Reinstall Steam: If Steam's internal files are damaged or corrupted, reinstalling the client is simply the best solution. Uninstall Steam first, and then get a new client from the Steam website.
  • Close VPNs and other background programs: If you want to play a Steam game, make sure that you turn off your VPN. This will ensure Steam's smooth connectivity and operation. Also, don't forget to close background programs.

If error code 118 still persists, don't hesitate to reach out to Steam's customer support. Plus, you can also visit Steam's Twitter account to find possible solutions or newly released fixes.

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