Steam Deck users are adding extra RAM to improve performance

steam deck upgrade ram improve performance
Credit: Valve/Remedy Entertainment

steam deck upgrade ram improve performance
Credit: Valve/Remedy Entertainment

The Steam Deck is an incredibly powerful gaming handheld, but it does have limits, falling short of most gaming PCs or current-gen consoles. However, the PC master race isn’t known for backing down, as owners of the Deck are upgrading the system’s RAM up to 32GB.

YouTube personality dosdude1 released a new video where he upgrades the powerful handheld and makes it even stronger. As the video explains, all Steam Decks are limited to 16GB of RAM, whether fans bought the 64GB, 256GB, or 512GB models, it doesn’t matter, as these numbers only cover internal game storage.

Unfortunately, the YouTube personality doesn’t show if there is any meaningful performance upgrade, though we imagine that would have been difficult. Obviously, players can try it themselves if they’re tech-savvy enough, though we advise they be careful or they’ll have to cough up more money to fix their handheld.

Currently, the Steam Deck is a pretty powerful gaming device, managing to run most AAA PC games with some compromise. Most fans have to minimize their games to 40hz so they can get a nice balance between performance and visual fidelity. Others are pretty content with making these games run at 30fps, as long as the game still looks great.

Despite being programmed to run more powerful games, recent studies have shown that most Deck owners play indie titles, which saves a considerable amount of battery. Admittedly, a lot of these indie games are gorgeous and play so well on Deck, as titles like Sea of Stars show.

Then again, there’s always a chance that Steam Deck owners are emulating older games since nostalgia is one hell of a drug. Apparently, most Deck owners are emulating PS2 games, which makes sense since titles like God of War and Kingdom Hearts 2 remain timeless to this day.

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Handheld gamers can pick up a Steam Deck right now, whether it’s through Steam or a separate gaming shop.

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