How to screenshot on Steam Deck



Want to document the best moments of your gameplay on your handheld console? Then, it's time to learn how to screenshot on Steam Deck.

It's a lot of fun screenshotting your unforgettable and exciting in-game adventures. And with this one trick, you can take quick screenshots of your favourite moments in-game, such as funny glitches, successful raid runs, exciting cutscenes, etc.

If you're new to how Steam Decks work, this article is about helping you learn how to snap your favourite in-game experiences and their saved location and how to share them with your friends.

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How to Taake Screenshots on Steam Deck

Taking a screenshot on Steam Deck in-game

Let's say you've finally reached a climactic part of your favourite game and want to update your friends. So here's how to take a screenshot on Steam Deck:

  • Find the Steam button with the words "Steam" written on it at the front of your console.
  • Next, locate the R1 button. You'll find it at the right-hand top corner of the device.
  • Next, press the Steam and the R1 buttons together when taking a screenshot.
  • You'll then receive a pop-up notification on the bottom right corner of your screen to let you know that the screenshot was captured.
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Where to Find Screenshots on Steam Deck

Where to find the screenshot function on Steam Deck

Now that you have your screenshots of the cool and integral in-game moments, it's time to share them with your Steam and other gaming friends. Here's how to do it:

  • Press the "Steam" button for the Menu
  • Here, look for the "Media Library" option and choose it.
  • All your screenshots are saved on this file
  • Since all these screenshots are private by default, you'll have to change those you want to share with the public
  • Press the A button to check out the pop-up menu.
  • Here, you'll find the "Upload Screenshot" option.
  • Select it and click the "Confirm" option to upload the image to Steam
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Sharing Screenshots from Steam Deck to PC

Are Steam Deck screenshots sharable to PC?

While there's no direct way to transfer images from your Steam Deck to your PC, you can transfer them through your e-mail ID. This takes very little time and lets you share your favourite in-game images with people in no time. The Sṭeam Deck itself is a Linux PC, so you practically mail the images using the following method:

  • Open your Steam Deck browser and log in on your e-mail ID.
  • Compose an e-mail to yourself and attach the images from the Deck's file explorer.
  • Click the send button, open the mail on your PC, and download the images there.

That's all there is to learn about how to screenshot on Steam Deck and steps to send it to friends and your PC. And given the Steam Deck console's ease of use, these processes are quick to master. Of course, make sure to keep your console safe while using any third-party apps to share images and capture your favourite in-game moments.

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