Will the Steam Deck go on sale for Black Friday 2023?

An image of Steam Deck and a tag that reads "Black Friday Sale"

An image of Steam Deck and a tag that reads "Black Friday Sale"

As November approaches, many are wondering if Steam Deck will go on sale for Black Friday 2023.

While Steam Deck competitors like the ASUS ROG Ally are gearing up for holiday discounts, fans of Valve’s handheld console are holding out hope for a sale on their coveted device. The Steam Deck is worth it in 2023 without a doubt, but the prospect of stealing it at a lower price has potential buyers on the edge of their seats.

This guide dives into the possibilities, past sales trends, and alternative options for those seeking a more wallet-friendly path to joining the Steam Deck community.

Will Steam Deck go on sale for Black Friday 2023?

As of now, there has been no official confirmation from Valve regarding a sale for this year's Black Friday. Reviewing past trends, the Steam Deck was absent from last year's Black Friday deals, hinting that this year might follow suit.

The Steam Deck has seen a very conservative discounting strategy since its launch. To date, there have only been two official price drops: during the Summer Sale of 2023 and to honour Steam's 20th Anniversary in September 2023.

During these promotions, savings were tiered by model capacity; the 64GB Steam Deck enjoyed a 10% reduction, while the 256GB and 512GB variants were more significantly discounted at 15% and 20%, respectively.

One of the main reasons for the scarcity of discount events is that Valve has been selling the Steam Deck at a loss to maintain competitive pricing. Additionally, the device's strong sales performance indicates there's little need for price reductions to attract buyers.

With the last discount happening in November, which is quite close to Black Friday, and considering that the console wasn't part of the Black Friday deals last year, it's not very likely that Steam Deck will go on sale for Black Friday 2023.

A certified refurbished Steam Deck is an option

If cost is a barrier to purchasing a Steam Deck, consider opting for a certified refurbished model. These thoroughly tested units offer savings of up to 20%, making the Steam Deck more budget-friendly.

While refurbished Steam Decks may have minor cosmetic imperfections, such as small scratches or blemishes on the plastic casing, all units meet or even exceed the performance and quality standards of new retail models.

Refurbished Steam Decks come with the reassurance of the same one-year warranty as a new unit, and they also include a carrying case. Overall, opting for a refurbished Steam Deck can be a great deal for someone with a tighter budget.

If you're considering a refurbished one to fit a tighter budget, it may be wise to invest in a power bank for Steam Deck. The battery life in refurbished units can sometimes fall short of their brand-new counterparts, so having a power bank can ensure extended playtime and uninterrupted gaming sessions.

And with that, we are wrapping up our guide on Steam Deck's potential Black Friday sale. If you have decided to go for one, whether refurbished or new, make sure you check out our guide "Which Steam Deck model should you get?" before purchasing.

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