Steam Deck OLED officially feels better to play than the original

steam deck oled feels better than original
Credit: Valve

steam deck oled feels better than original
Credit: Valve

Now that the Steam Deck OLED has made its way to the public, most users agree that it’s a huge improvement over Valve’s debut console. Aside from having a better screen and longer battery life, this new model also has less input lag, making it a must-have.

The fine folks at Digital Foundry have confirmed that the Deck’s successor has quicker input when it comes to button pressing. Digital Foundry tested both systems at 60fps and was able to confirm that the OLED was faster.

What makes the improved input even more impressive is that the Steam Deck OLED can also go up to 90Hz. In theory, the OLED can go up to 90fps and have even quicker inputs, depending on the game, of course.

Granted, fans who bought the original Deck shouldn’t feel bad, since we wouldn’t even have an OLED model if the original didn’t sell well. Plus, the OLED model is exactly the same when it comes to raw power, so the handheld won’t suddenly play games its predecessor couldn’t.

Anyone who has a base Steam Deck shouldn’t feel bad, as the handheld is still a powerhouse in its own right. Even without an OLED screen, the Deck can play games like Cyberpunk 2077 and Marvel’s Spider-Man. While more battery life would be nice, most gamers tend to save battery by playing indie games or running AAA games at 40Hz.

Still, Valve has done a stellar job with its handheld and we’re sure that many users are going to start selling their older model for a Steam Deck OLED. This might not be the true evolution of this system just yet, but a decent upgrade with improved input, a better screen, and more battery life is hard to complain about.

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Both the Steam Deck and the Steam Deck OLED can be purchased through, well, Steam. The original Deck can also be purchased from various gaming stores, with the OLED model soon to follow.

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