Steam Deck not turning on - how to fix the handheld console

Steam Deck not turning on Deck with gradient background

Steam Deck not turning on Deck with gradient background

Nothing beats the portability of a console that you can play PC games on and can bring anywhere with you. But sometimes, even that nice little piece of tech can give us trouble. So, what to do when the Steam Deck is not turning on? Don't fret, we'll explain here what to try.

The Steam Deck, released in February of 2022, has gamers all over the world excited, as it seems to be a real game changer, so to speak. Having compatibility with many titles in the Steam library, while also being perfect to run several emulators. Speaking of which, here are the best emulators to try.

But, if you're having issues, read on to find out what to do when the Steam deck is not turning on.

How to fix the Steam Deck not turning on

There might be several reasons why the Deck is not turning on, including:

  • A malfunctioning charging cable;
  • Stuck power button;
  • Dead battery;
  • Glitch with a recent software update.

In the case of the cable, the fix is easy as it can be replaced with any USB-C charger, while we do not recommend using other chargers for extended periods of time, in an emergency, it might do the trick.

Leave it one for one hour to charge, if - at the end - it is still not turning on, then the battery might have to be replaced, that can be done by contacting Steam Support.

How to fix Steam Deck not turning on after an update

While software updates are mostly aimed at improving performance and fixing bugs, sometimes things can go wrong. If, after automatically installing an update, your Steam Deck seems to have been broken for good, try to force restart the device.

Here's what to do:

  • Press and hold the Power button for 12 seconds approximately;
  • Wait for the console to power off;
  • Press the Power button again to turn it on.

That should clear the problem and you can try starting it up again.

Here are the fixes for your Steam Deck not turning on, as mentioned if all else fails then Steam Support might be your best chance. If you are looking to get the most out of your device, check out our other guides like how to change the controller order and how to fix controller not working.

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