Steam Deck modder turns Valve’s handheld into the ultimate 3DS machine

steam deck modder turns handheld into big 3ds
Credit: TyePower

steam deck modder turns handheld into big 3ds
Credit: TyePower

Emulation for 3DS and DS can be a bit frustrating, as squeezing two screens into a bigger one can make for some awkward gameplay, especially on Steam Deck. One modder is attempting to make that a bit easier by making a second screen for the Deck, even if it doesn’t look like the most comfortable experience.

TyePower, the modder in question, showed off his impressive build on Reddit (via Dexerto), showing what a Steam Deck would look like with an additional screen. Sharing how he made this possible, the modder said they used a seven-inch portable screen and a Rolling Square Edge Pro tablet kit.

As most players can imagine, this wasn’t an easy task as the modder also had to use mounting brackets, a separate battery, and more to get everything to work. For the most part, it does make the Steam Deck look more 3DS-like and that should make emulation a bit easier.

While this creation is fairly impressive, we think it might be more practical to buy a modded 3DS or maybe wait for the upcoming Ayaneo Flip DS. We’d shell out for a modded New 3DS since these games still look and play best on the system’s screen. Seeing other systems try and squeeze both screens can be painful to the eyes, no matter what enhancements there are.

Even with some downsides, using the Steam Deck as an emulation machine is still impressive and shows just how great Valve’s handheld is. Sure, trying to make DS and 3DS games work properly can be annoying, but PS2 and Gamecube-era titles can be played just fine. That’s not even mentioning everything below those systems, as gamers can get a ton out of older systems.

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For the most part, gamers use the Steam Deck to play triple-A games and various smaller indie titles. That’s still the ideal experience for this powerful handheld, especially if you can shell out for the Steam Deck OLED.

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