Steam Deck update finally fixes its most annoying issue

Steam Deck with Gordon Freeman and Alyx popping out of the screen
Credit: Valve

Steam Deck with Gordon Freeman and Alyx popping out of the screen
Credit: Valve

While the Steam Deck is best known as a handheld PC, there's undoubtedly a large amount of people who've purchased Valve's great piece of hardware in hopes of a console-like experience while playing PC games. And while there's somewhat of a learning curve with Linux, this feature will make things a lot easier.

There's plenty of competitors trying to reach the top of the best gaming handhelds list, especially the upcoming MSI Claw release date, which even MSI believes will be successful enough to receive future iterations. But there's no doubt that Valve's Steam Deck is still one of the best.

That's thanks to the plenty of updates that Valve is making to its Linux-based OS, aptly named SteamOS. And a recent update added to the beta channel is further proof that Valve understands what players want. Shared in the Steam blog post, the recent update to the preview channel fixes a few things, while also mentioning they've updated the "quick access performance menu with descriptions for each setting".

This means that, for example, if you go to adjust the TDP Limit, a disclaimer will tell you not only what the setting does (limit the maximum amount of power the Steam Deck is allowed to consume), but also warns you that it will improve the battery life, but reduce the system's performance. You can see this example in a tweet made by Lawrence Yang below, a designer at Valve who shared the update news on Twitter.

For people used to a console experience but want to tinker with settings to better suit the games they play, this is a great feature that will save a lot of Google searches. Hopefully, future quality of life features will expand upon this idea, giving you more information at a press of a button when messing with SteamOS.

However, if you're running out of storage for your countless Steam games thanks to the Winter sales (we're just as bad as you, don't worry), you can pick up a 2TB MicroSD for Steam Deck now that will definitely give you plenty of storage.

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