How to fix Steam Deck audio crackle

Steam Deck audio crackle - An image of the limited edition Steam Deck

Steam Deck audio crackle - An image of the limited edition Steam Deck

If you are plagued by the audio crackle in Steam Deck, you are not alone.

Many users have reported a constant static crackling noise in the background when using headphones with their Steam Deck. This constant audio disturbance has been a source of frustration, occurring irrespective of whether you're deeply immersed in a game or simply browsing through the device's menu.

Whether you are using Steam Deck OLED or LCD, our guide is tailored to address this widespread problem, providing effective solutions to eliminate this unwelcome sound and enhance your Steam Deck experience.

How to fix audio crackle in Steam Deck

To fix the audio crackle in Steam Deck, you need to reset the audio drivers by simply restarting the device. Numerous Redditors have confirmed that this method effectively eliminates the crackling sound - temporarily.

The audio crackling issue tends to resurface each time the device is turned on after being put into sleep mode. Therefore, we recommend you fully shut down the Steam Deck instead of using sleep mode, until a permanent fix is released.

Remember, these are temporary solutions, and the ultimate fix will likely come from a software update from Valve. So keep an eye on official updates from Valve and apply any new patches or software updates they release.

What is causing the audio crackle in Steam Deck?

Based on user reports, the audio crackle in Steam Deck appears to have started following the 3.5.5 Steam OS update. This suggests that the issue is software-related, possibly due to bugs or conflicts introduced in the new update.

The issue occurs when the Steam Deck is turned on from sleep mode, suggesting that the problem lies with the audio driver or system processes, which may not be reinitializing correctly upon waking from sleep.

The suggestion we provided here should temporarily fix the issue for you, allowing you to enjoy your games without the annoying crackling sound. We hope that Valve will soon release a patch to address this problem permanently.

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