Starfield scanner distortions – how to follow them

Starfield scanner distortions

Starfield scanner distortions

In Bethesda’s latest IP, you will be given the chance to travel through space and explore over a thousand different planets. During your journey, you will be tasked with following Starfield scanner distortions on several occasions in an attempt to locate anomalies.

Following these distortions may be a bit confusing at first but learn how to do it consistently and you’ll find yourself wielding several different Starfield powers.

Obtaining these powers is definitely worth the hassle, so let’s find out how to follow these Starfield scanner distortions and get you back to exploring the rest of the galaxy.

How to follow Starfield scanner distortions

To follow Starfield scanner distortions, you’ll need to activate your scanner and keep an eye out for any glitches on it. Here’s a more detailed look at the scanner distortion following process:

  • Open up your scanner by pressing the LB button on your Xbox controller or F on a keyboard. You’ll know the scanner is active when you see a big white circle with a crosshair on your screen.
  • Move the scanner around and look for any glitches that appear on it. These glitches will take the form of red and blue breaks along the white circle that shows up when the scanner is active.
  • Head in the direction of these scanner glitches. You’ll know you’re going the right way when these glitches become more aggressive.
  • Keep going in the direction of these glitches until you reach a temple.

The first time you go through this process is on the planet Procyon-III during the main quest titled Into the Unknown.

How to find more anomalies

After completing Into the Unknown, you can get info on the location of other anomalies by speaking with Vladimir at The Eye. This will lead you to more temples that can grant you more powers.

Once you’ve gotten the new location from Vladimir, you’ll need to repeat the process of activating your scanner and following the distortions. Vladimir can provide you with new locations every time you obtain a new Artifact.

And that’s our guide on how to follow Starfield scanner distortions. While you’re here, you may also want to take a look at how to use the boost pack in Starfield or how to exploit the money glitch.

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