Starfield physical editions will have a disc, but there’s a catch

Starfield physical editions will have a disc, but there’s a catch

Starfield physical editions will have a disc, but there’s a catch

Bethesda Game Studio’s massive sci-fi RPG Starfield will have a disc for fans who purchase a physical copy on Xbox Series X. However, that doesn’t mean that all versions of the game will come with a shiny new disc.

On Sunday, Bethesda Support on Twitter claimed that no physical copy of the new game will include a disc for offline gamers. The account stated that “all physical editions include a code for the chosen platform.”

Shortly afterwards, the account deleted the tweet, later issuing a correction. Another account then revealed that the standard physical release of Starfield will come with a disc that can be shared and traded, but more expensive versions of the game will not.

In a tweet by Bethesda Espanol, it’s revealed that only the more expensive versions of the game are digital only, likely to cut down costs. Those who purchase the game’s pricey Constellation Edition will instead receive a “game stick” that contains a code for the game.

“Hello partners! It depends on the edition,” reads a translated version of the tweet. “For example, the standard has a disc, while the Constellation Edition has a code engraved on a collector's item.”

In an industry where games such as Alan Wake 2 are moving to a digital only release structure, many fans were worried that a physical copy of Starfield would not release. With the game launching day-and-date on Xbox Game Pass, there is reason for Xbox to withhold a physical version, although they did release a physical copy of the atrocious Redfall.

Bethesda Game Studios titles have some of the longest tails in the industry, and that means that they’re often traded in and sold pre-owned for years. Physical copies of games like Skyrim are always in demand at second-hand game shops, and Starfield will be no different.

With 50% of game sales still sold physically, Starfield’s physical release will be one of the highest selling Xbox products of 2023. In fact, I’ll even be picking up a physical disc myself.

Starfield launches on Xbox Series X and S, as well as PC, on September 6th, 2023. The game will be available on Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Cloud Gaming on PC, mobile and Xbox One consoles.

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