Starfield is now officially finished as Bethesda’s RPG goes gold

A female star field pilot standing next to a spaceship

A female star field pilot standing next to a spaceship

Xbox exclusive sci-fi RPG Starfield has officially gone gold after almost a decade of development at Bethesda Game Studios. Following two years of delays to fix bugs and spruce up visuals, the massive RPG is finally ready to be pressed to disc.

Announced on Twitter by Bethesda, Starfield development has officially wrapped less than a month before release. Following worries that the game would be delayed again, the massive RPG has finally reached master code state.

Following the news that 1.0 development has officially wrapped at the studio, Bethesda has revealed official pre-load dates for Starfield on Xbox Series consoles and the Steam PC marketplace.

Xbox Series X, Series S and Xbox store gamers will be able to use preload the title more than a week before Steam users. On the Xbox platforms, the sci-fi RPG will be available to download tomorrow on August 17th.

For Steam users, you’ll have to wait another thirteen days to be able to download the title. Steam gamers will finally be allowed to preload the game on August 30th.

Steam’s preload date comes just one day before the game is available to Deluxe Edition and Constellation Edition owners on September 1st. However, some Steam users may not be able to download the game in time for launch due to its massive file size.

Bethesda’s massive RPG comes in at a whopping 125GB file size with a recommendation of SSD storage on both Xbox consoles and PC. Considering how much data was used by Steam for Baldur’s Gate 3’s launch, Starfield has the potential to crash the marketplace.

Starfield may be officially finished, but that’s not the end of the sci-fi adventure. Alongside the obvious release of Starfield mods after launch, Bethesda is working on numerous expansions for the RPG that will be playable via the game’s season pass.

For more Starfield information, check out this official Starfield Timeline detailing the game’s deep lore before launch.

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