Starfield mod stops its creepy NPCs from staring at you

starfield mod stops its creepy npcs from staring at you
Credit: Bethesda

starfield mod stops its creepy npcs from staring at you
Credit: Bethesda

One of the weirder aspects of Starfield is how most of the NPCs will stare at the player for no particular reason. Thankfully, a mod has been made so that players won’t have to worry about unwanted eyes following the player anymore.

Appropriately called the ‘Stop Staring At Me’ mod, players can download this from Nexus mods and stop thinking about the creepy NPCs. Now, NPCs will stare at players if they’re close enough, which is the only time staring is okay.

Simple fixes like these are appreciated, though it’s odd that we got it from a mod and not Bethesda themselves. Maybe it was an intentional design decision but having NPCs stare at you can be pretty terrifying, especially with the way these character models are made.

If this is a bug, then it’s one of many in Starfield, as the RPG is still home to a number of annoying issues. This is due to the amount of freedom players have in the game, with Bethesda saying that they couldn’t make titles like these without bugs. At the very least, modders are here to iron out any potential bugs that might be disturbing players.

Bethesda has stated in the past that they would be very open to the modding community of Starfield and they’ve proven that with these mods. While the company did attempt to block saves after mod installation, another mod quickly got rid of that. Official mod support will come next year, at the very least.

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Starfield is now available on Xbox Series and PC.

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