Starfield is making fans hungry with its delicious food

starfield is making fans hungry with its delicious food
Credit: Bethesda

starfield is making fans hungry with its delicious food
Credit: Bethesda

Starfield might not be the most best-looking game ever, but the developers have done a great job at making food look delicious. Fans have taken notice, as they have marveled at just how good every meal looks in this sci-fi RPG.

On the game’s official subreddit, fans of the title discussed how lavish some of the food looks. Even a Veggie Grinder, of all things, looks really good in this game and that effort is very much appreciated.

Commenters were quick to talk about their favorite food in Starfield and we can’t blame them. While the game’s food falls behind Studio Ghibli's meals, they still wouldn’t look out of place in a luxurious buffet.

“I stole a baguette that looked good af,” commented Theshuf.

“I have found the iconic sweet roll in starfield,” said SenseiMiachi.

“Bruh, I was stunned after seeing a patty melt in-game. I could not get over how good it looked,” lovingly described by GenericBeverage.

The food in Starfield looks really good.
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Credit: Bethesda/CWalkthroughs (Reddit)

Unsurprisingly, some fans are theorizing that the food in Starfield looks so good because Bethesda wants to release another video game cookbook. Bethesda previously released cookbooks for Fallout and Skyrim, so this makes a ton of sense. This isn’t limited to the Xbox publisher, as SEGA recently released one for Sonic the Hedgehog.

With Bethesda openly supporting mods for the sci-fi RPG, we’re interested in seeing how much better the food can look. One modder is already getting ready to rework some of the game’s textures, which means these meals can look even better.

Although we can all appreciate a tasty-looking meal, most fans don’t play this RPG for the cooking material. Most players are enjoying the freedom of traveling to various planets and going on space adventures. Players can also run into some fearsome-looking creatures, one of which looks like a woman’s, erm, box.

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Starfield is now available on Xbox Series and PC.

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