Starfield Into the Unknown – how to clear and get past bugs

Starfield Into the Unknown

Starfield Into the Unknown

Is the Starfield Into the Unknown quest giving you trouble? Don’t beat yourself up over it, the mission isn’t as intuitive as one might hope for, being in such an early part of the game. Plus, you might also be running into some bugs that halt your progress.

Starfield takes you on a spacefaring adventure with over 1,000 worlds to discover and explore. It’s another ambitious title from Bethesda, so fans have expected the game to come with more than just a handful of bugs.

So, let’s get into this Starfield Into the Unknown guide to help you continue the main story, despite a few glitches that are known to affect this mission.

How to solve Starfield Into the Unknown quest

To clear Into the Unknown, you’ll need to investigate an anomaly on a planet called Procyon-III and explore a temple there. But first, you’ll need to flag the quest to get started.

Starting Into the Unknown

Into the Unknown will become available after clearing the second main story quest The Old Neighborhood. You will be given two more missions alongside it, but it’s highly recommended to do Into the Unknown first.

You can start Into the Unknown by traveling to a space station called The Eye and speaking with an NPC named Vladimir.

Following the scanner distortions

After landing on Procyon-III, you’ll begin your investigation by following the distortions on your scanner. This is where things may start to become a bit confusing, so here’s how to follow your scanner distortions:

  • Activate the scanner by pressing F on your keyboard or LB if you’re using an Xbox controller. The scanner will show up on your screen as a big white circle with a crosshair in the middle.
  • Move the scanner around and watch out for any glitches that appear on it. They look like red and blue breaks along the white circle.
  • Start walking in the direction of these glitches and they should start to become more prominent if you’re heading in the right direction.

Keep following these distortions until you make it to a temple. The source of this anomaly is inside, so the next step would be to enter it and see what awaits.

Exploring the temple

Once you’re inside the temple, you’ll find yourself in a room with floating patches of light and large metal rings in the center. What you need to do here is navigate the room by going through every patch of light until the large metal rings start spinning fast enough to form a portal.

Go through the portal and you’ll watch a cutscene and end up back outside the temple with the Anti-Gravity Field power.

Completing Into the Unknown

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Return to Vladimir and tell him about your new superpowers. He’ll ask you for a demonstration, and this will prompt a tutorial on how to use your powers.

After showing Vladimir your new ability to manipulate gravity, speak with him again, and that should end Into the Unknown.

How to get past Into the Unknown bugs

There are currently two bugs that are known to hinder progress on this mission – one where the mission does not show up in your quest menu and another that makes it impossible to follow the distortions on Procyon-III. No permanent fixes are available just yet, but there are some workarounds that include having time-lapse and relaunching the game.

Here are some fixes that are known to work for these two bugs:

  • Relaunch the game.
  • Return to orbit and pass time by sitting in a chair or sleeping in a bed before returning to the quest.
  • Fast travel to another planet then back to Procyon-III.
  • Load a previous save file.
  • Open up console commands and enter “setstage 000160A9 600”.

Using console commands seems to be the most effective way of getting around these bugs, but keep in mind that it is technically considered cheating. You will be unable to unlock any achievements after using any sort of console command.

Also take note that console commands are only available on the PC version of Starfield, so Xbox players will have to rely on the other fixes listed above.

And that’s our guide on the Starfield Into the Unknown quest. For more on the sci-fi RPG, feel free to have a look at the different factions you can join or how to get infinite wealth with the money glitch.

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