Starfield gameplay will make fans soil themselves, teases Xbox VP

starfield gameplay will make fans soil themselves
Credit: Bethesda

starfield gameplay will make fans soil themselves
Credit: Bethesda

The upcoming Xbox showcase will have Starfield gameplay so good fans will take a dump on their nice jeans, at least according to Xbox VP Aaron Greenberg.

Responding to a Twitter post hyping up the upcoming Xbox event, Greenberg revealed that fans have a reason to be excited. However, many fans likely didn’t expect they would need to prepare a second pair of underwear.

In response to fans’ hype, Greenberg exclaimed: “I’d bring an extra pair of underwear just in case.”

At the time of writing, it’s unclear if we’re going to soil ourselves or wet ourselves when watching the new Starfield gameplay. Perhaps, if the gameplay is really good, it’ll be both.

Frankly, Greenberg’s response doesn’t mean much, but fans have been obsessed with the game for a while. One fan even took it upon themselves to make a pre-release bible for the game, showing how dedicated they are.

Based on what we’ve seen previously, it seems Starfield is going to be Fallout in space, for better or worse. Fans of the post-apocalyptic RPG are hoping to see some great dialogue and an insane amount of freedom. Detractors of the series are probably expecting stiff animation, tedious combat, and plenty of glitches.

The RPG coming out this year also means that Bethesda can finally work on Elder Scrolls 6. Gamers will remember how that installment was revealed too early, as the company later said this wouldn’t come out until the sci-fi RPG was released.

With the space-based RPG expected to come out this September, hopes are high that Xbox can right some wrongs. After all, they released Redfall not too long ago, with many considering it one of the worst exclusive games in recent memory. Granted, Hi-Fi Rush came out earlier this year too but the company’s exclusive output still pales in comparison to PlayStation and Nintendo.

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Xbox fans have a myriad of Bethesda games to enjoy on their console or PC before Starfield comes out. All of the Fallout and Elder Scrolls games are available right now.

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