Starfield DLSS mod will require a subscription to keep working

Starfield DLSS mod requires subscription

Starfield DLSS mod requires subscription

While Starfield will only support FSR image reconstruction on launch, a Starfield DLSS mod is in the works by modder PureDark. However, fans may need to have a constant subscription to keep using the highly requested feature.

After news released that fans will have to pay for the Starfield DLSS mod, some fans have spoken out against the modder’s payment strategy. While some aren’t too bothered about a one-time fee for DLSS mods, they are upset about needing a subscription.

According to some fans, PureDark’s DLSS mods are often broken by game updates. While the modded did bring very functional DLSS support to titles such as Star Wars Jedi: Survivor and The Last of Us: Part 1, the mods — and their required updates — are locked behind a Patreon subscription.

According to a post on the Starfield subreddit, PureDark’s Starfield DLSS mod will essentially require a rolling subscription as Bethesda releases updates for the game. Considering the fact that Starfield is a massive RPG with spaceships, fully explorable planets, apartments and more, a large number of updates are expected to be released.

“I paid $5 once for his Jedi Survivor mod and every time a game update releases, the mod breaks and you will have to pay another $5 to resub and download the updated mod,” a commenter said. “So in a new game that gets updates often you'll need to pay way way more than $5 to keep using the mod (essentially turning it into another subscription service). Not supporting this sh*t at all.”

Starfield DLSS likely won’t be added post-launch due to the game’s ongoing AMD partnership. While Nvidia’s current DLSS 3.0 and upcoming DLSS 3.5 offers a substantially better experience than AMD’s offering, the technology will have to be added by fans.

A number of fans on the Starfield subreddit are hoping that another modded comes to add DLSS support into the game. While the work that PureDark does is fantastic, most fans don’t want to subscribe in order to use it, or even pay at all. That’s what the Creation Club is for.

“This guy turned from [a] savior and adored to the most hated modder in history in a matter of days,” one Starfield fan said. “As someone who has been making mods for Bethesda games for years, f**k paid mods and people like this,” said another.

In response to the allegations, modder PureDark explained that Starfield game updates shouldn’t break the upcoming DLSS mod. While that has happened in the past, the modded believes Starfield will be different.

“Starting from Starfield it will not break upon game updates,” PureDark told subscribers. “I'll implement something like the address library or use memory signatures to make sure of that. And I'll gradually update my other mods to be version independent (it takes time).”

Starfield finally launches on Xbox Series and PC on September 6th, with Deluxe Edition owners able to play on September 1st. The game will also launch on Xbox Game Pass with Cloud Gaming on mobile, PC, Xbox One and more.

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