Starfield Constellation Edition demands 300 buckaroos for a watch

Starfield collector's edition asks 300 buckaroos for a watch guy in a space suit

Starfield collector's edition asks 300 buckaroos for a watch guy in a space suit

Are you saving up money to buy the most luxurious collector's edition around? Then you might be happy to know that the recently announced Starfield Constellation Edition will be just that. At a premium of $300, the set will get you, well, a digital watch, and that's basically it.

Announced in the Xbox Showcase, the Starfield Constellation Edition will grant players "up to 5 days early access", along with a constellation patch, a steelbook display case (probably empty, just to keep on your shelves) and a digital download of the game. Oh yes, of course, we were forgetting about the watch, which also comes in its own premium watch case.

Basically, you are paying $300 for a digital watch with its case, since there is basically nothing else related to the game. Truth be told, the watch does recreate the game's HUD while you play, updating your wrist with in-game information at all times. However, the Constellation Edition does not come with an art book or a manual or even a physical edition of the game.

Granted, this is not a new thing. Collector's editions have been more and more of the same ilk lately. The Hogwarts Legacy CE was similar, also being priced at almost $300. It included a steelbook display case, a book and a wand that would spin around, on said book, powered via a USB cord.

Fans have been reacting to the collector's edition, mostly with jokes about "needing a job to afford it", but overall they seem to be satisfied. Still, there have been a couple of unhappy fans, saying "how can a watch be what you want players to associate with your best edition of the game?"

Granted, the Constellation Edition is a great way for hardcore fans to have the best edition of the game around, but one can't help but feel CEs these days are just a way to sell a particular expensive item. Be that a statuette, a wand, a digital watch or the Doomguy's helmet.

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