Starfield's child NPCs don't look like small adults

starfield child npcs dont look like small adults
Credit: Bethesda/CD Projekt Red

starfield child npcs dont look like small adults
Credit: Bethesda/CD Projekt Red

Starfield is going to improve on a ton of aspects from previous Bethesda RPGs. We already know that the RPG won’t be as buggy as Fallout 4 but it turns out child NPCs will actually look like, well, children instead of very small adults.

Fans on the game’s subreddit uncovered character designs for a child NPC that actually seems decent. The art comes from Cal Santiago, who worked on this RPG as an artist and designed this unknown child.

Video games don’t always have the best track record for having good character models for kids. Anyone who has played Cyberpunk 2077 knows that those children look like shrunken adults. Bethesda has been better at this with their older titles, such as Skyrim, though Starfield could be the best of them.

A Reddit post showing child designs for Starfield.
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Credit: ILoveRGB (Reddit)/Cal Santiago

Naturally, many fans on the subreddit were ecstatic to see children look like children in a video game.

“It's nice they aren't just shrinking normal bodies down, lol,” says Infinite_HUEH.

“Yeah I'm getting cyberpunk flashbacks right now,” replied YourUrNan.

“Damn near every RPG haha. I'm too excited for this and will forget about it approximately 5 seconds after seeing the first kid in game, but it's appreciated,” also replied Deckatoe.

Starfield does improve on a number of aspects from previous titles by Bethesda. Many fans were assured that stealth would be a huge improvement, as these felt forced in other releases. Character models have also gotten an upgrade, though that could be a mix of Xbox-exclusive funds and new-generation technology.

Xbox is banking on the sci-fi RPG being a hit, as they’ve told investors they expect fans to buy consoles and Game Pass subscriptions for the exclusive. Microsoft event as far as replacing Xbox icon Master Chief with Starfield for the box art of some Series X consoles. Needless to say, expectations for the game are very high.

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Fans will be able to get Starfield on Xbox Series and PC on September 6.

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