Star Wars: KOTOR 2 modder defends Aspyr Media after restored DLC cancelation

star wars kotor 2 modder defends aspyr media after dlc cancelation
Credit: Aspyr Media

star wars kotor 2 modder defends aspyr media after dlc cancelation
Credit: Aspyr Media

Aspyr Media has officially canceled the Star Wars: KOTOR 2 restored content DLC, and fans are extremely unhappy. Despite this, the modder that first revived the content is defending the studio from angry Star Wars fans.

Prior to this, Aspyr reloved all mention of the DLC from the game’s announcement trailer and now we know why. The DLC planned to bring cut content back into the console versions of the game that has been restricted to PC for years.

Not long after the DLC cancelation, fans quickly went to Reddit complain about Aspyr’s actions. Through it all, Modder zbyl2, who first made the restored content playable years ago, defended Aspyr Media from the criticism. When a commenter tried to say that Aspyr wouldn’t credit the mod team, zbyl2 said that wasn’t the issue.

“I made the mod. The above is 100% false and I'm sad you got so many upvotes because that rumor is now going to spread,” said the modder. “Aspyr was great to work with and they offered to credit the whole team long before I even asked about it.”

When pressed on by others as to why the Star Wars: KOTOR 2 DLC couldn’t be made, zbyl2 says they couldn’t comment on the matter. That’s likely due to some NDA that the modder had signed in order to try and bring the DLC to the game.

At the time of writing, Aspyr Media has yet to give an official reason for the DLC not pushing through. Right now, all the company has done was thank the fans for their support and offer some Star Wars games as an apology gift.

Some fans are demanding a refund over the game key gifts, though it looks like Aspyr won’t be giving those out. Of course, things can always change but it looks like this is the end of this particularly sad chapter.

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Even without the DLC, Star Wars: KOTOR 2 is a decent enough RPG on the Switch and other consoles. Granted, it’s a bit rushed compared to its predecessor, but there’s some quality in that package.

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