Star Trek: Sulu TV show reportedly in development

Paramount‘s nostalgia-bait era of Star Trek is far from over. Despite the upcoming ending of Star Trek: Picard, the studio isn’t done with recycling old actors. Case in point: a new Star Trek: Sulu TV show is reportedly in the works.

Is Paramount making Star Trek: Sulu?

According to a report from Giant Freaking Robot, a new Trek series following The Enterprise‘s Hikaru Sulu is in the works. However, there is some confusion over which version of the character it will focus on.

Sulu first appeared in Star Trek in 1966’s The Man Trap, portrayed by George Takei. In all live action media except the J.J. Abrams movies, the character has been played by the same actor. At 85 years old, Takei could still play the role if they wanted him to.

However, Giant Freaking Robot believes that Paramount isn’t looking to continue the original series adventures of Sulu. Instead, they want to focus on the Kelvin Timeline version, played by John Cho.

With rumours of the first Kelvin timeline TV show in development, it could make sense to follow Sulu. In this universe, the character could have already become captain of the USS Excelsior between Star Trek: Beyond and the troubled Star Trek 4.

Furthermore, there’s one other option on the table: a prequel. With Sulu undoubtedly coming to Strange New Worlds at some point, we could get a prequel series about his pre-Enterprise adventures.

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Limitless possibilities, but are any of them real?

Paramount has a lot of room to work with a Star Trek: Sulu spin-off . Personally, we would hope that Paramount stops with this particular type of spin-off after the shockingly bad two seasons of Picard.

However, if they do go ahead with this spin-off, we would hope more for the prequel series. Similar to Strange New Worlds, there’s a lot of space to play with — pun not intended!

On the other hand, a Sulu show in the Kelvin Timeline could be very interesting. In a completely different canon, literally could happen to the iconic Enterprise crew member. Maybe a big green hand could grab his ship! Oh wait, that’s been done before…

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