How to fix Star Trek Infinite 'not responding' error

Key art for Star Trek Infinite featuring several characters from the show
Credit: Nimble Giant Entertainment

Key art for Star Trek Infinite featuring several characters from the show
Credit: Nimble Giant Entertainment

Want to know how to fix the not responding error in Star Trek Infinite? Good news for you, we might have some solutions to help you with this issue.

Developed by Nimble Giant Entertainment, Star Trek Infinite is a grand strategy video game in which players take control of one of four civilisations as they embark on a journey to the unknown, colonising, exploring, engaging in diplomacy with other communities, and often engaging in combat. The game even features multiplayer!

Sadly, some PC users have reported that they can't even initiate their Star Trek Infinite journey due to to game "not responding," with fans complaining via the Steam forums looking for a solution.

With that said, let's look at how to fix the Star Trek Infinite not responding error.

How to fix Stark Trek Infinite not responding

An image of the four playable civilisations in Star Trek Infinite
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Credit: Nimble Entertainment
The four civilisations you can play as in Star Trek Infinite

At the moment, the developers are not addressing the issue via any of their social channels, so we can't know for sure if they're working behind the scenes to get it fixed as soon as possible.

Some users have found a temporary solution if this is something you're dealing with while trying to play Star Trek Infinite.

To fix the Star Trek Infinite not responding you'll need to play it in borderless mode. Simply run the launcher, go to settings, click on borderless full-screen and launch the game.

We know it's less than ideal but it will at least get you back in the game so you can enjoy its vast single-player and multiplayer offerings, which if you're a Star Trek fan, will leave you more than pleased.

Hopefully Star Trek Infinite scratches that Sci-Fi itch for you, considering the sad news of a possible fourth film in the recent JJ Abrams universe, Star Trek 4, seems to be closer to cancellation than entering production.

We'll have more Star Trek Infinite content in the future so stick around if you don't want to miss out on it!

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