Star Trek Infinite is more than a simple Stellaris mod, argue fans

Four Star Trek characters stand in front of a space background and a spaceship
Credit: Nimble Giant Entertainment/Paradox Interactive

Four Star Trek characters stand in front of a space background and a spaceship
Credit: Nimble Giant Entertainment/Paradox Interactive

Star Trek Infinite seems as though it has the potential to be more than a simple Stellaris clone. Fans are keen for developer Nimble Giant Entertainment to continue dedicating resources towards its development, with the game proving popular with Star Trek fans.

Recently, Star Trek Infinite players have been discussing their experiences of playing the game on r/ParadoxPlaza, with many hoping that further content updates will be coming Infinite's way.

A lot of people were sceptical at the launch of Star Trek Infinite, a £26.99 game in its own right, when it appeared to simply be a reskin of Stellaris. Moreover, with the existence of the popular Star Trek: New Horizons mod that anyway exists for Stellaris, Infinite would have to offer players something new and exciting to justify even having a price tag.

Looking briefly at the UI and gameplay from Star Trek Infinite, the game appears no different to Stellaris. This isn't surprising given the game is built on top of Stellaris' core systems, however Star Trek Infinite lacks a distinct visual style that would help to justify its status as more than a total overhaul mod.

Gameplay screenshot of Star Trek Infinite
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Credit: Nimble Giant Entertainment/Paradox Interactive

Despite this, those that have played Star Trek Infinite feel that the game is worth its price, offering unique systems and gameplay that is compelling enough to be expanded upon. Star Trek's Infinite's strong focus on diplomatic gameplay systems and unique mission trees gives the game a more handcrafted and intentional feel than the randomly generated scenarios from Stellaris.

It's not as though fans don't have gripes with Star Trek Infinite's gameplay either. One player on Reddit highlighted how the games world feels "way too small" and "cramped" with the existing civilisations present in the galaxy. However, the low quantity of different factions present on the map also makes the map feel somewhat "empty".

Nonetheless, players remain hopeful that Nimble Giant continues to work on and expand Star Trek Infinite, with one fan proposing that "the studio needs to be less afraid of making a larger map" and that "major powers should cover larger territories [with] more space between [them]". There's a general consensus that Nimble Giant ought to have been more ambitious with their project, although fans "can't wait to see how [Star Trek Infinite] develops over time".

If you want to try out the game by yourself or with friends, you can buy Star Trek Infinite on PC for £26.99.

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