Star Citizen Squadron 42 release date, trailer, and other details

Squadron 42 release date - Captain Maclaren

Squadron 42 release date - Captain Maclaren

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Looking for info on the Star Citizen Squadron 42 release date? Having been what is arguably one of the most successful crowdfunding campaigns to date, there’s no doubt about the excitement behind the space trading and combat simulation game.

Though it has been in development for over a decade now, fans of Star Citizen can access the game and provide support through several means. Players still encounter things like hub authentication errors and failed login attempts, but many are still determined to make the game a success.

Whether you’ve been a long-time supporter of the project or are just now finding out about it, the Star Citizen Squadron 42 release date is something you’ll want to get into. So, let’s go ahead and learn all there is to know about it.

Star Citizen Squadron 42 release date

Unfortunately, Star Citizen Squadron 42 still does not have an exact release date. The developer, Cloud Imperium Games, has stated that Squadron 42 is “now feature complete” and that they are currently focused on polishing the game with bug fixes and performance optimization.

After being stuck floating around in limbo for years, any sign of progress on the space-themed FPS is welcome, and this is a pretty big one. We’ll be sure to update this page as soon as any new information comes out.

For now, you can play the space trading simulator by purchasing one of many packages offered on the official RSI website. Some of these packages will include access to Squadron 42 once it is officially released.

Star Citizen Squadron 42 platforms

Console players will have to sit out this space adventure since Star Citizen is only available on Windows PC. Sadly, that goes for Squadron 42 as well.

Cloud Imperium Games has talked about the space RPG eventually coming to consoles, but there’s currently no telling if and when that may actually happen.

Star Citizen Squadron 42 trailer

The new Squadron 42 gameplay video “I Held The Line” was uploaded to the official Star Citizen YouTube channel. The video is 26 minutes long so there’s plenty for you to sink your teeth into.

Check it out for yourself here:

Star Citizen is an MMO, but Squadron 42 will serve as a complementary single-player companion to help you dive deeper into the sci-fi game’s lore. It has a star-studded cast with names like Mark Hamill, Gary Oldman, and Gillian Anderson.

And that wraps up our guide for the Star Citizen Squadron 42 release date. While waiting for the game’s official release, you may be interested in checking out another space exploration RPG by reading up on Starfield factions or Starfield companions.

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