Square Enix announces Final Fantasy 7 NFT cards to milk the series until the teat runs dry

square enix announces final fantasy 7 nft cards
Credit: Square Enix

square enix announces final fantasy 7 nft cards
Credit: Square Enix

Square Enix has revealed its new line of Final Fantasy 7 NFT trading cards because there's nothing they won't do to milk the iconic JRPG. Considering how the game is literally about corporations sucking the life out of the planet to make money, the publisher has severely missed the game's entire point.

It’s no secret that Square Enix enjoys milking this particular Final Fantasy entry, given all of its spin-offs. Unfortunately, this means that Cloud, Tifa, Aerith, and everyone else now have to be an NFT card. While there are physical cards to collect, the fact that there are digital ones as part of the blockchain is pretty gross.

Having to see these iconic Final Fantasy 7 characters used as digital collectables is pretty sad. Furthermore, the NFT cards make use of high-quality artwork from the original game, Crisis Core, and even the recent Remake game. If these cards were solely physical items, we'd have no issue, but their crypto association is just downright depressing.

Fans of the Japanese gaming company aren’t surprised by this at all. After all, the former president of Square Enix loved endorsing NFTs and the blockchain, while the current one still believes in this philosophy. Even more baffling is that Square Enix sold Crystal Dynamics and all of their properties to prepare for this strategy.

While seeing the company do this to Final Fantasy 7 is extremely disappointing, it’s worth noting that they still make quality games. Octopath Traveler 2 was a hit, Dragon Quest Treasures reviewed well on Switch, Harvestella has fans, as does the recent Star Ocean entry. The company even does solid remasters, as seen with Crisis Core, Chrono Cross, and Tactics Ogre.

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The company’s consistent game quality makes its interest in NFTs even more baffling, especially with Final Fantasy 16 coming to PS5 soon. Many fans are expecting that game to do really well. However, knowing Square Enix, they will probably say that the game performed below expectations and keep focusing on their Final Fantasy 7 NFTs.

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