Squad is being review bombed following latest update

An in-game image from FPS squad
Credit: Offworld Industries

An in-game image from FPS squad
Credit: Offworld Industries

With close to 110k reviews on Steam with a very respectable rating of 'Very Positive', tactical FPS Squad has found itself under fire following its latest update. At the time of writing this, Steam has recorded over 4.2k reviews with a 'Mixed' rating, with a lot of negative feedback rearing its ugly head at developers.

While it is natural for some backlash when a game undergoes some changes, particularly when they affect player performance, it definitely has not gone unnoticed just how many of Squad's player base have expressed their dismay over the latest update. It may motivate some change from the team at Offworld Industries or it may mellow out once the dust has settled on the changes, only time will tell.

Squad is copping a bombing of its own

Youtuber MoiDawg broke down some of the concerns raised by dedicated Squad players, some of whom have amassed more than 5k hours on the game. The reviews include constructive criticism among an outcry of irritated players just looking to rant, with excessive weapon sway to overpowered vehicles and poor weapon handling just some of the issues being raised.

Naturally, there are a lot of negative comments that won't hold much validity as there are a lot of players that are simply disgruntled when changes occur. In saying that, there seem to be some valid points.

The weapon sway issue has been raised frequently in reviews, as players are unhappy at experiencing excessive sway when aiming, even when in a prone and stable position. For recon-style players, this is particularly frustrating and can leave them at a disadvantage.

While the changes made to Squad will far from deter players from continuing to support the IP, it is cause for concern for the developers at Offworld Industries. For a game held in such high praise to receive such an influx of negative feedback generally warrants a response from the creators. Whether they listen to the criticism of their player base is yet to be seen, but nonetheless Squad remains a solid member of the FPS genre.

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