How to Fix Spotify "upstream request timeout" Error

Spotify "upstream request timeout" Error - An image of the logo of Spotify

Spotify "upstream request timeout" Error - An image of the logo of Spotify

Encountering an "upstream request timeout" error on Spotify can be frustrating, especially when you're looking forward to enjoying your favourite music or podcasts or uploading your music to Spotify.

Spotify, like any complex digital service, occasionally faces issues. Users often encounter various errors, such as the error code access point 22, the "Filters are hiding some results" error, or the jam not working glitch within the app.

This guide is designed to help you understand what causes this error and provide you with practical steps to resolve it to get your streaming experience back on track swiftly.

How to Fix Spotify "upstream request timeout" Error

The Spotify "upstream request timeout" error usually points to a server-side issue. So to address this error, first check if Spotify's service is functioning properly by visiting Downdetector.

In addition to checking Downdetector, you can also visit Twitter to see if other users are reporting the same Spotify "upstream request timeout" error. If you notice a trend in user complaints about this issue, the service is indeed experiencing widespread problems.

If the service is down, the best course of action is to wait. Timeout errors like this often resolve as network conditions between Spotify and the upstream server improve or once the upstream service addresses any issues.

What Is the Spotify "upstream request timeout" Error?

Upstream is a service or server that Spotify relies on to function. The "upstream request timeout" error means that Spotify's servers were unable to get a response from one of these upstream services within the expected time frame.

You might encounter the "upstream request timeout" error if there are complications with the upstream service, such as server overload or maintenance activities, or due to network issues between Spotify's servers and this upstream service.

That covers everything about the Spotify "upstream request timeout" error. We hope you found our troubleshooting tips helpful. Before heading off, make sure you learn how to turn on crossfade on Spotify.

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