Splitgate Voice Chat Not Working: Does Splitgate Have Voice Chat, Plus How To Fix Splitgate Game Chat and Mic

Today, we're talking all things voice chat related in Splitgate. With the increasing popularity of the game, people are wondering whether they are having problems with voice chat, or whether voice chat is even a function within the game. We'll tell you if Splitgate voice chat actually exists, and if so, what you can do about it, if you find yourself unable to communicate in the game.

Does Splitgate have Voice Chat?

Splitgate does, indeed, have voice chat functionality. But for a lot of users, they have been experiencing issues with getting this to work. It has been especially prevalent for players who are trying to use cross-play, but it has also effected players on the same platform.

The reasons for the problems with voice chat appear to be server related. As we know, the explosion in Splitgate's popularity meant that the servers were really struggling to cope with the volume of traffic, and this has led to a number of glitches and bugs. Splitgate themselves acknowledged that there was an issue with voice chat back in July, which they ere hoping to remedy via an update. Hopefully, as they continue to improve stability and performance, these issues will become a thing of the past.

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But if you are experiencing these problems, there are some steps you can try, while waiting for the developer's to work their magic.

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How to fix Splitgate Game Chat and Mic

If you are having issues specifically with voice chat during cross-play, here are the steps to take:

  • Go to Splitgate main menu
  • Select Settings
  • Go to the Privacy tab
  • Deselect the Party Chat Only feature
  • Go to the Audio tab
  • Deselect the Open Mic (Team Only) feature
  • Finally, deselect the Proximity Chat Enabled feature
  • Start your cross-play match, then return to the settings
  • Reactivate Party Chat Only, Open Mic (Team Only) and Proximity Chat Enabled

This will hopefully resolve the issue during a cross-play match. Users have reported that this is only effective for one or two matches, before you have to repeat it all over again. There are a couple of additional tricks to try as well.

  • Restart Splitgate, and restart your device
  • Make sure your internet connection is working correctly, or switch to an Ethernet connection if you are using WiFi.
  • Additionally, if you are on PC, you can check under the Audio tab, that the correct Voice Chat Input Device has been selected, and check the volume is turned up.

Beyond these measures, fixes will most likely need to come from the game developers. But you can keep an eye on all things Splitgate related via their Twitter feed, where they keep fans up to date. You can even ask them a question, and historically, they seem to have been pretty good at replying.

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