Splitgate Split Screen: Is Splitgate Split Screen, And Does It Support Local Co-Op Play?

With the increasing popularity of Splitgate, calls have been growing for more local multiplayer options. Fans have calling for features such as local co-op play and Splitgate split screen options. While online multiplayer is immensely popular, sometimes players prefer to just be able to sit and play with friends at home.

In this article, we'll take a look at whether these options are currently available for Splitgate players. No more dilly-dallying. Let's jump in and see.

Is Splitgate Split Screen?

A split screen option would undoubtedly be a popular option for fans of Splitgate. It would allow you to play alongside a friend, even when playing online. Split screen was undoubtedly a hugely popular feature in many FPS games, notably something like Halo. Unfortunately with Splitgate, this is just a pipe dream at the moment.

At the time of writing, Splitgate does not offer a split screen option. The game just doesn't offer the option of adding additional players on your console. So if you want to play with friends, you'd need multiple displays and multiple consoles.

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Does Splitgate Support Local Co-Op Play?

If Splitgate doesn't offer split screen, does it offer local co-op play? The answer to this is also a no. "Couch co-op" as this is sometimes also known, would normally also rely on players all playing the game on the same screen. The absence of a split multiplayer on Splitgate means this isn't available.

But that doesn't mean it will never be available. Splitgate is evolving rapidly to keep up with its growing number of players. If there is enough demand for it, you may well see these types of game options being integrated. You can keep an eye on developments by following @Splitgate on Twitter. You can also find them on Discord. They'll let you know if anything changes.

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