Splinter Cell multiplayer successor Spectre launches on July 24

Spectre game 2023
Credit: Symbiosis Games

Spectre game 2023
Credit: Symbiosis Games

2023 has been the year of remakes (Dead Space, Resident Evil 4 Remake, the upcoming Persona 3 Remake, you name it), and Spectre promises to, at least in spirit, serve as a reinvention of the highly revered and massively underrated Splinter Cell spies vs mercs mode.

Unveiled via IGN, the two-man development team at Symbiosis Games revealed gameplay footage for their upcoming title. It unapologetically takes inspiration from the classic spies vs mercs mode that Splinter Cell fans have sorely missed for years.

Check out the Spectre gameplay trailer down below:

As the name might imply, the focus of the original spies vs mercs mode was to employ different tactics to secure multiple objectives on a map. As spies, you'd make use of more stealthy abilities while mercs ran around guns blazing and causing chaos on their way to victory.

In Spectre, the roles for the former are called Spectres, stealthy elite units tasked with taking objectives away from heavily-armed enemies called Reapers, the mercs.

First revealed in 2021, the developers behind Spectre explained in an interview with IGN that the way spies vs mercs worked in Splinter Cell Chaos Theory was their favourite, as it allowed for more "nail-biting" scenarios that we could potentially see in Spectre.

When you were a spy in Chaos Theory, stealth was exhilarating. Watching an unsuspecting Mercenary from afar and surreptitiously planning your next move was thrilling. I feel like (Splinter Cell) Blacklist took some of that magic away by making the spies a lot deadlier and making the gameplay a lot faster.

Spectre - Release date and platforms

Spectre is set to release on 24 July for PC (via Steam). Sadly, as the development team is quite small, console versions are not in the works, although they are open to porting Spectre to more platforms in the future.

Keep it locked into Stealth Optional, as we'll be covering the launch of Spectre in just a few weeks!

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