Splatoon fan buys Nintendo stock fans to complain about male Inklings

splatoon fan buys nintendo stock fans to complain about male inklings
Credit: Nintendo

splatoon fan buys nintendo stock fans to complain about male inklings
Credit: Nintendo

One Splatoon fan has purchased enough stock in Nintendo just to complain about the lack of love given to male Inklings in Splatoon 3. It might sound like trolling but this person seems to be serious, showing that some people have all the time in the world.

Under the online alias Haruikatako, the Nintendo stockholder actually explained how they managed to buy their way into a Nintendo meeting. After selling a bunch of Switch systems at a loss so he could buy some shares for the company, the gaming troll was able to attend a recent investors call.

Twitter user @NStyles (translated by Vooks) reveals this “stockholder” yelled out questions about the male Inklings not having cool poses. When he was told that his question was too long, he kept shouting his questions about these characters. He was later thanked for playing the game.

Admittedly, the Splatoon games have mostly used female inklings in their advertisements but most fans don’t find that to be a problem. The game's orange-haired inkling is an iconic Nintendo character now, and most players are excited to play as them. Furthermore, players can choose the gender of their character anyway so there isn’t much of a problem here.

We’re more dumbfounded at the fact that this person spent so much money just to shout at people over this game. Most people have already accepted the fact that the female inklings are a bigger draw for the child-focused multiplayer shooter, and male inklings do have a lot of customisation anyway.

This story is an odd one but it shouldn’t dissuade anyone from not playing Splatoon 3 since it’s a great multiplayer game. Visually, it’s great and the gameplay is just as solid, if not more than it’s ever been. As if that wasn’t interesting enough, the game’s single-player is also surprisingly great.

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Splatoon 3 is now available exclusively on the Nintendo Switch platform.

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